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                         Educational tours

                                       Student exchanges

                                                        Research collaborations

It is always a carefully planned combination of site visits and hands-on learning opportunities, built around clear learning objectives.


GTC organises intensive exchanges with universities as well as local and supra-regional industry tours to give students a first-hand understanding of best industrial practices.


We also initiate both university-university and university-industry collaborations. Internationalisation, often confused with globalisation, is a process that can lead to a more extensive pattern of activity and collaboration. International research collaboration in many science sectors has intensified and is frequently regarded as an indicator of quality and a way in which to develop and disseminate scientific knowledge to newly developing countries.


Through GTC's Educational Tours & Exchanges, students & scientists:

  • Actually see and enrich their knowledge of places and works of art they’ve learned about in the auditorium.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of history and culture than a book can ever convey.
  • Get the chance to try out the languages they’ve studied with native speakers.
  • Build independence and confidence as they explore new places and local customs.

Perhaps most important of all, students & scientists gain new insights into their own culture, and a more global perspective—so important in today’s interconnected world.


We believe in the power of travel to open students' and scientists' eyes and change their lives — and every detail of our educational tours is carefully crafted to help make it happen. We are committed to being partners in education with scientists and students, and work hard to help them select and customize tours that fulfill their curriculum objectives. While we offer a range of trip types to fit different budgets and goals, every trip features authentic meals, centrally-located hotels or stay with families, and our signature cultural connections, that brings scientists and students closer to the people, places and culture. We're also known for the quality of our tour managers: smart, well-traveled individuals hired for their knowledge, enthusiasm and ability to bring history and culture to life.


As a leader in quality educational tours, GTC has built a reputation for providing thoughtfully designed educational tours in Germany, Europe and other worldwide destinations that deliver all of the above — and some more.


GTC maintains a long coorperation with the industry and global players.


We have targeted and special contacts to universities, institutes, business companies and schools in Germany and Europe for an extensive interdisciplinary exchange of information and experience. 


We strive for cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.


Learn more about what makes GTC different. And be sure to meet our team, too.