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Table tennis



GTC is specialist for sport events, sport shows and the hospitality of national and international sports teams. With excellent connections to Olympic training centres in Germany GTC organises training camps for international teams. In close cooperation with German and European sports universities and sports clubs we organize sports educational trips and exchange programs for international sports students and scientists.


Our services:

  • Organization of sports events, sports shows and performances
  • Sports Travel / Sports exchange programs and Sports educational tours
  • All-round support for sports teams or individual athletes
  • All-round support for VIP guests and sponsors at sporting events
  • Travel management incl. hotel booking

                                       Special project: Indian Traditional Sports Mallakhamb

  • Firework of Gymnastics, Germany
  • GOP theatre tour Germany






In addition, we offer special travel packages and incentives to various sporting events. The next Football World Cup or Olympic Games are just around the corner. Together with our partners in the respective countries, we look after sponsors and travel groups and create special supporting programmes on site, so that the guests can enjoy the country to the full extent in addition to the sporting event.